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1001 Foreman Street Southeast, Lowell, MI 49331
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+1 616-897-5959



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  • Ricky Sevarns
    Nov, 06 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    WORST WORKPLACE! unsanitary and just gross. I worked for metric only for a month and I have to say this place is AWFULL. I work as a janitor and this was the nastiest dirtiest place to work. If you like being harrased by a third shift supervisor, a constant dirty work place this job is for you. A supervisor there threatened me for ten minutes because I borrowed a few pop cans that were laying on the floor. He said he would break each of my fingers and told me to meet him in the parking lot so he could fight me. I apologized dearly and he kept telling me different ways he'd beat my ass. I told H.R and they didn't do anything about it. This place is a greasy pit in hell. They only have one 15 min break in an 8 hour shift, and %90 of the employees there stand in one spot the entire time they work there. This place is just nasty as hell. I think OSHA should be involved and look into it. Half of their air hoses arnt OSHA approved and neither is a lot of stuff. After taxes they give every employee about $3700 for a Christmas bonus. I know one employee in there that got a twenty thousand dollar Xmas bonus this year and he told me not to say anything to anyone about it. They don't recycle cardboard. The way they have this place is just discusting. If I were you I WOULDN'T work there
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Metric Manufacturing Co

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